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Der Beamte und der Philosoph beziehen ihre Stärke aus der Sachfremdheit.

Friedrich II., der Große (1712 - 1786), preußischer König, »Der alte Fritz«

Moin Herde 🦣 na... Wie schaut's aus im Ferdiverse?

#UMPlus - NGC 3185
NGC 3185 is a spiral galaxy located at a distance of about 80 million light years from Earth and located in the constellation of Leo. The image shows the spiral arms radiating outward from the center of the galaxy, where they appear to meet a bright blue disk. At the center of NGC 3185 is a small but very bright core containing a supermassive black hole. Black holes like this one can have masses that contain thousands of times the mass of.....

Nach dem Umzug befindet sich das Bürgeramt Trier (Kommunale Anlaufstelle für Bürger) keine 100 Meter vom Burgeramt Trier (Schnellrestaurant) entfernt.

Wenn das nicht mal zu Missverständnissen führen wird!

"Guten Tag, ich möchte mich ummeldeden." - "Mit Süßkartoffelpommes?"

#UMPlus - LDN 1221 by James Janusz
LDN 1221 is a dark cloud that is located in the direction of the Cepheus constellation. This cloud is a rare target for astrophotographers, as there are few conspicuous objects in this region of the sky. However, in the excellent image by astronomer James Janusz, two reflection nebulae are seen above a rich star field, these nebulae were cataloged as GN 22.23.6 and GN 22.33.6 that reflect the light that reaches them from the.....

#UMPlus - NGC 4517
This beautiful image shows a spiral galaxy called NGC 4517. Viewed edge-on, it is slightly larger than our Milky Way, and is capped by a very bright star. The star, cataloged TYC 289-1220-1, is actually much closer to us than the galaxy, which explains why it appears so large and bright in the image. NGC 4517 is approximately 40 million light-years away in the direction of the Virgo constellation. It has a bright center, but this is.....

#UMPlus - NGC 524
This amazing cosmic whirlpool is the center of the galaxy NGC 524, as seen through the Hubble Space Telescope's optics. This galaxy is in the direction of the Pisces Constellation and is located at a distance of about 90 million light years from the Milky Way. NGC 524 is a lenticular galaxy, lenticular galaxies are believed to be an intermediate stage in the evolution of galaxies, they are neither elliptical nor spiral. Spirals are.....

Wenn Musik die Nahrung der Liebe ist, spielt weiter.

(William Shakespeare)

#UMPlus - NGC 4527 by Warren Keller
At the bottom left of this beautiful image by astronomer Warren Keller is NGC 4527, an intermediate spiral galaxy, meaning it lies between a normal spiral galaxy and a barred spiral. It is located in the direction of the Virgo Constellation and its distance has not been accurately measured, however astronomers position it towards the south of the Virgo Cluster of galaxies, a region called the S Cloud Grouping. This galaxy is.....

Guten Morgen Herde :mastodon: . Nach 3 Stunden Schlaf brauche ich heute extra viel Kaffee ☕

#UMPlus - Abell 5 by Peter Goodhew
Abell 5, also called PN A66 5, is a rarely imaged very faint planetary nebula that exhibits a strange structure. Abell 5 is located in the Perseus constellation and has a diameter of 136 arcseconds in the sky. The ghostly structure takes the familiar shape of a woman's lips painted with red lipstick, which more accurately may be an ancient bipolar structure that fades as the temperature exerted by the parent star on the.....

#UMPlus - Globular cluster Terzan 9
This star-filled image shows the globular cluster Terzan 9, which is about 23,000 light-years from the Solar System and is located in the direction of the Sagittarius constellation. Given the very luminous nature of a globular cluster, the amount of material between us and the cluster has to be enormous, so much so that there are individual stars lying behind the dust that cannot be seen in optical light. This is because Terzan 9 is....

#UMPlus - Abell 1 by Gary Imm
Abell 1, also cataloged as PN A66 1 and seen here in an excellent image by astronomer Gary Imm, is a young planetary nebula that lies in the direction of the Constellation Cepheus at a distance of about 8,200 light-years from the Solar System. . Given its distance and its apparent size in the sky of 50 seconds of arc, it follows that it is 2 light-years across. The outer edge of this nebula appears to be shaped like a.....

Und während sich #Twitter über #Kurzarmhemd|en echauffiert, wird der eigentliche Kern - dass #Scholz *gerade in #Kiev und das einfach großartig ist - geflissentlich ignoriert.

*jaja viel zu spät und überhaupt erspar mir das shitgame und geh rüber

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